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SpareZ Bowling Fundraising Events allow for groups or individuals to raise money for a good cause. SpareZ customizes packages for groups raising money, providing innovative ideas and all of the materials needed to create a successful fund raising campaign.

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SpareZ is the one stop place for all of your off-site event needs. Bowling provides endless social and competitive opportunities. SpareZ BoardRoom is perfect for your next sales presentation or monthly staff meeting. SpareZ public internet access helps to keep you connected along with the latest technology to facilitate your event. With Sixty-Four Bowling Lanes, Billiards, Video Arcade, HammerJacks Sports Bar, Full Service Grille, we are sure to have something for everyone.

The majority of Americans participate in multiple fundraising activities each year. Be organized in order to get your fair share of that support. Execute well on the fundamentals in order to win the loyalty of your supporters for future fundraising efforts. Above all,  make it FUN for your participants, your staff and you, the event organizer.

Fundraising has a number of benefits in addition to generating funds for your cause. It promotes school-team spirit, community involvement, and organizational skills. Fundraising fosters awareness within the participants that effort and results are directly linked. By doing the fundamentals right, you’re doing everyone a community service.


SpareZ  is pleased to offer an attractive alternative for groups looking to raise money. “Never again will you be disappointed with your fund raising effort”. We make it easy to raise funds, and enjoyable for the participants as well. SpareZ has the tools and experience to run bowling fundraisers for companies, groups, clubs and organizations. We have many different concepts which can be tailored to match your company, group, club or organization needs.

The simplest fund-raiser is the FUN-DRAISER EVENT. The Fun-draiser bowling event is easy to conduct and simple to run. It is as simple as promoting a social event to your potential participants. SpareZ staff works directly with you to manage and coordinate the event. A per person or team fee is charged to participants. The participation fee net of lane rental fees becomes the primary fund raising vehicle. SpareZ provides the lanes, use of house shoes, coordination and event hosting staff. Food and beverage options round off the fun experience. Additional fund raising vehicles include lane sponsors, raffles, silent auctions and “pay to play” contests such as “Beat the Boss”.

SpareZ has redesigned a classic fund raising program to help you raise money for your organization. It’s called a Bowl-a-thon!

Here’s how it works:

  • SpareZ staff will help you schedule the best day/time to host your Bowl-a-thon.
  • SpareZ will provide Bowl-a-thon Pledge Sheet for your event. You simply locate as many members of your organization as you can who are willing to participate in the Bowl-a-thon.
  • Each participant will be given a Pledge Sheet and asked to contact family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them in the Bowl-a-thon.
  • Each person pledges either a set amount (i.e., $5, $10, $20) or a certain amount per pin (i.e. a penny, two cents, nickel) for a three (3) game series.
  • The cost of the Bowl-a-thon includes three (3) games of bowling and the use of house shoes.
  • High yield return per participant example: If 30 participants each contact ten sponsors to pledge $5.00, that’s $1,500 raised for your cause! There is no minimum purchase utilize as many as two lanes, or the entries bowling center.
  • There is no inventory or distribution problem, unlike pizza, candles, cookies, and other products.
  • You pay only for the actual number who show up to bowl.
  • Everyone can participate at once, or over several days.
  • Young or old, strong or not so strong, children, families, senior citizens… all have an opportunity to participate and contribute.
  • Easy to organize, easy to monitor, easy to administer.


Selling Fundraising Cards is a wonderful opportunity for your group to make money. You can sell cards redeemable for $5.00, $10.00, or $20.00. Use them for bowling, shoe rental, food and beverage. Cards are available to you for 50% off face value. Members of your organization sell the cards for face value to get the highest amount of funds for your organization. Some organizations may take slightly less by offering a discount off face value. Inquire today to get started with your fund raising effort.


Your group can raise money overnight by having an overnight bowling party. The “Overnighter” has a fifty person minimum and a 300 maximum, so your entire group can join the fun. The cost of this program is only $28.00 per person. This price includes unlimited overnight bowling from midnight until 6:00 AM, use of house shoes, snack and a soft drink. Days available will be Sunday midnight through Thursday midnight. Also available: billiards, arcade and vending machines. You must be thinking, “This sounds great, but how can we make money?” The answer is simple. SpareZ will give $5.00 per participant back to your organization. You have all the fun, and raise money for your needs. This is a great program to help your group spend time together.

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