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If you have been bowling for a while now and are still not able to get those devious strikes then this is the information you need. If you are wanting to become a better bowler then you will need to be able to bowl strikes regularly and consistently. Initially, this will not be very easy for most bowlers but if you remember these bowling secrets and practice enough you will most definitely become an expert bowler eventual.

If you can consecutively bowl strikes, you will earn yourself quite a few bonus points and this will also help you a great deal in increasing your bowling average. Bowling multiple strikes in a row is the key to achieving high scores. The question that you need answered now is how you are supposed to bowl strikes, not to mention multiple strikes in a row?

First of all, you need to understand that there is not a single person on this earth who will be able to bowl a strike every single time. Not even the best professionals can accomplish this feat. The below mentioned secrets of bowling will help you to get a lot more strikes than you are used to once you master them.

If you are not an experienced bowler, you must first learn the bowling tips for beginners. Learn the basics first, and then build up to the advanced bowling techniques. But, if you are an experienced bowler looking at bowling as a serious hobby, want to win tournaments or just want to impress some friends with your bowling skills or just improve your overall game then you should learn and master these secrets.

Bowling Secrets:

Hooking the bowling ball is the key to consistent strikes.
  1. You have to learn how to be able to hook a bowling ball. This process involves you twisting your wrist when you are letting go of the ball. When you start, you need to have your hand under the bowling ball and when you are letting go of it, you have to turn your hand towards the left (if you are a right handed bowler). If you are able to correctly do this action then you should see the ball move straight at first and then curve towards the pins as it reaches the end of the bowling lane. If you are a right handed bowler then you should aim at the second arrow to the right when releasing the ball. Hooking the bowling ball is the only way you will be able to consistently bowl strikes. A straight ball is not going to cut it.
  2. If you are looking to score a strike then you will have to aim for something that is called the pocket. If you are a right handed bowler then this area is between the first and third pins and if you are a left handed bowler then the area is between the first and second pins. Hitting the pocket gives you the best opportunity to strike.
  3. You need to seriously consider the lane conditions before throwing your ball if you want to get a strike. If the lane is oily, you will be able to smoothly deliver the bowling ball, but you will find it very difficult to keep it in control. Learn about controlling your bowling ball speed.
  4. An often overlooked secret in bowling is picking up spares. You are not going to strike every time, so those spares become very important. Do not let your focus down just because you didn’t strike. Concentrate harder and pick up the spare. Once you are hitting the pocket correctly, you should not be leaving yourself too many splits to worry about. Picking up spares will really help you score higher.
  5. It is very important that you are concentrating completely on the target ahead of you if you want a strike. All of your energy should be put into focusing on the pocket. Empty your mind of any other thing that you might be thinking of, keep yourself calm and always remember to be positive or else you will never gain the confidence required to score a strike. You have to start focusing as soon as you take your first step onto the lane as things can start to go terribly wrong from here only. The mental aspect to bowling is very important, and once you master this, you will be well on your way to high scores.
  6. The next secret which you need to learn is to not waste strikes. This is the main goal we are trying to teach you here. Bowling multiple strikes in a row is the only way you will hit the really high scores, so once you get a strike you don’t want to follow it up with a bad shot. Try to get in a good bowling rythym or “zone” and knock out consecutive strikes.
  7. Another great bowling secret is not letting your emotions get to you. If you just hit a turkey, don’t get to excited. Your adrenaline might be pumping and you might throw harder than usual. Or, you might have not had a mark in 3 frames, and are getting frustrated and try to change your approach. You need to stay consistent, almost robotic in your approach. Do not let your emotions effect your throw.
  8. One important bowling secret which is easy to do, but sometimes hard to actually motivate yourself to do, is practice. The secret here is to practice a lot. You should practice your bowling technique quite consistently over and over again until you are able to perfect your method for scoring strikes. You will only succeed in achieving high scores with a lot of practice. The pros are always practicing, and so should you.
  9. The final bowling secret is to get a good bowling guide to fine tune your game. If you are serious about achieving new high scores, raising your average, and winning tournaments you need a great guide such as The Ultimate Bowling Guide. We have presented some great secrets here, but the bowling secrets you will learn in this guide are really going to give you the edge. We have read every word in this guide and really improved our game. And we thought we were good! There are other guides available, and we have seen most, but we highly recommend this guide over all others.

If you follow all the above mentioned bowling secrets you will find yourself bowling strikes sooner rather than later. You do not even need to have a bowling ball or a bowling lane in order for you to be able to practice your bowling technique. You can just practice your form at home. As soon as you are able to find yourself a technique that is most suitable for you, you will find yourself getting a lot more strikes than usual even though it is not guaranteed that you will throw a strike each and every time.

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